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What’s in a name?

Our official college name remains J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College. However, research told us we needed more consistency in one universal name that would resonate.


Use “Reynolds Community College” on the first reference, and “Reynolds” thereafter. Example: “Thank you for calling Reynolds Community College, this is (your first name) how may I help you?” Please close the call saying, “Thank you for calling Reynolds.”

In Writing:

There are two categories of written communication, formal and informal. Formal written communications include legal documents, like Reynolds policies or contracts, and narrative text found in major publications like the Reynolds catalog.

Formal Communications:

  • first reference is “J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College”
  • second reference is “Reynolds”
  • do not use “the College” or “JSRCC” or “J. Sargeant Reynolds” or “RCC” Informal written communications include marketing materials like paid advertising (broadcast, digital, and print), brochures, flyers, promotional emails, and the Reynolds website.

Informal Communications:

  • first reference is “Reynolds Community College”
  • second and thereafter references is “Reynolds”
  • other references like “RCC”** or “JSRCC” or “J. Sarge” or “J. Sargeant” or other names should not be used. **There are copyright infringement issues with the use of RCC (currently used by our peers at Rappahannock Community College). At no time should this abbreviation be used referring to Reynolds Community College.