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Emergency Operations Plan

The purpose of this Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) is to establish emergency procedures and plans at J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College to provide protection to the lives, property and operations through the effective use of State, College, county and local resources. This document has been developed to provide an organizational and procedural framework for the management of emergency situations, and to provide information about workplace hazards that may be encountered during routine work activities.
Reynolds Emergency Operations Plan
Guides and Addendums/Forms

Active Shooter Emergencies
Visit Active Shooter Preparation for more information on what to do if an active shooter is present on campus.

Emergency Response Guides
Annex A — Earthquake Preparation and Response Guide
Annex B — Communicable Disease Prevention Response Guide
Annex C — Medical Emergency Response Guide
Annex D — Emergency Evacuation Response Guide
Annex E — Bomb Threat Response Guide
Annex F — Workplace and Campus Violence Response Guide
Annex G — Suspicious Package Response Guide
Annex H — Power Outage and Utility Failure Response Guide
Annex I — Tornado and Severe Weather Response Guide
Annex J — Oil and Chemical Spill Response Guide
Annex K — Regional Emergency Preparation Response Guide

Addendum A — Emergency Assessment Form
Addendum B — Emergency Call List
Addendum C — Emergency Drill Evaluation Report
Addendum D — Emergency Equipment List
Addendum E — Emergency Preparedness Training Record
Addendum F — Evacuation Assignment List
Addendum G — Fire Inspection Checklist
Addendum H — External Contact List
Addendum I — Emergency Operations Center Action Plan (EOC-AP)
Addendum J — Situation Report
Addendum K — Activity Log
Addendum L — Resource Request
Addendum M — Sign-in Sheet
Attachment A — Bomb Threat Checklist

Severe Weather Shelter Locations
Severe Weather Campus Shelter Locations


Weather Emergency Instructions

View instructions on what you should do in the case of a weather emergency when you are on campus.