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Department of Police

Safety Office

The Safety Manager reports directly to the Chief of Police and is responsible for promoting a safe and healthy college environment for our employees, students, and visitors, to protect the environment, to comply with applicable regulations and to protect the college’s resources through loss control measures.

The office oversees various responsibilities in the area of occupational safety and health including emergency preparedness and response, fire prevention, accident and injury prevention, hazard communication, lab safety, chemical safety, incident investigation, bloodborne pathogens and material handling and storage. Program development and training are continually offered in these and other safety related areas.

In an effort to increase safety and security awareness to everyone at Reynolds, an annual Safety Symposium is sponsored in April. The day-long event includes speakers, vendors, displays, demonstrations and professional development training sessions relating to various safety and emergency preparedness topics. The event is widely publicized and is open to all faculty, staff, students and the general public.

As an ongoing mission of the Safety Office, training sessions are conducted on a regular basis in the area of emergency preparedness. These training sessions focus in detail on Reynolds approved Emergency Preparedness Plan. Included in each session is information about what to do in the case of an emergency, the various types of emergencies that could occur at the College, protocol to follow during the emergency event, who is in charge and what to do after the event. This training activity is mandatory for all College employees and is offered in open sessions to our students. We feel an informed staff and student body is invaluable in providing the safest learning environment for all.

Reynolds also maintains an approved COOP (Continuity of Operations Plan). This plan focuses solely on the process and procedures that will allow the college to return to normal operations should a major event take place on or near any of our campuses. Due to security purposes, the plan is not posted on our website or released to the public. However, if further information is needed, please contact the Safety Manager. Through the efforts of the Safety Office, it is our goal that we meet our legal obligation to comply with all applicable federal, state and local mandates; our ethical obligation to ensure that all areas and activities of the college are safe; and our fiscal obligation to constantly attempt to reduce and eliminate any incidents and accidents that may occur to our staff, students or property.