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Student Success Stories

Isaac CarterIsaac Carter ‘14
Respiratory Therapy Program

Isaac is currently employed at VCU Medical Center – Neonatal/Pediatric ICU as a respiratory care practitioner. His typical day includes assessing patients with respiratory illnesses and adjusting ventilator settings and clearing airways to assist breathing. He provides assistance with CPR during code situations and even helps with the handling of newborns in labor and delivery. Every day is a new learning experience for Isaac, and he enjoys being a part of a team that saves lives. Reynolds helped him prepare for the licensing and certification/registry exams to find a job. And gave him hands on experience during clinical settings that set expectations of a hospital working environment. “There is no better feeling than leaving work and knowing that you have helped improve someone’s quality of life, or helped them continue to be around for family and friends,” he said. A flexible work schedule at the hospital allows Issac to pursue his passion of exercising in his free time.


David Lambert David Lambert
Opticianry Program – Expected to graduate in May 2016
David is a current student in the opticinary program and works as an English tutor in Richmond City Public Schools. He also helps at his family business Lambert Optical. He enjoys working with eye glass frames and taking measurements for patients to find the best lens for them based on lifestyle. “My favorite thing is seeing the joy of someone with clear vision, he said.” The opticinary program at Reynolds is providing David the fundamental skills to start his own optician practice someday. He particularly enjoys working with children and improving their vision. Future jobs and opportunities in healthcare and opticianry are on the rise, and David is positioning himself for job security. Politics are his personal passion and he aims to continue a family tradition of public service in the City of Richmond.


William Cole William Cole ‘13
Nursing Program
William knows that no two shifts in a hospital setting are the same. As a current Registered Nurse at St. Mary’s Hospital, he spends most days caring for five to eight patients in a 12-hour shift. He enjoys troubleshooting and problem solving because the environment in a healthcare setting is ever-changing and unpredictable. His duties include patient care, patient teaching, interdisciplinary interaction, and teamwork for patient care and safety. The experience of Reynolds professors, specifically on the clinical sites, allowed William to see exactly what the job was like beforehand. When asked what he would tell a male friend considering a career in healthcare, he said, “Scrubs are awesome and you have more days off than days you work.” William is a proud first-time dad and enjoys spending time with his wife and new baby at home thanks to his flexible work schedule.


Olumayowa “Omo” OmotoyinboOlumayowa “Omo” Omotoyinbo ‘15
Opticinary Program
Omo is currently a U.S. Navy optician and received an Associate Degree at Reynolds in the opticianry program. He performs a variety of duties daily, ranging from assisting patients selecting frame sizes and styles, taking pupil distance measurements, and handling frame fabrication, fitting, and dispensing. “Reynolds has equipped me with the necessary skill set to perform efficiently and productively at my job, thanks to my dedicated instructors,” he said. Omo enjoys helping patients with their vision needs and considers a career in healthcare a rewarding and fulfilling investment in himself personally and professionally. A career and degree in eye care is positioning Omo for a career beyond the U.S. Navy someday, as a civilian.


Hussain ChaganiHussain Chagani ‘13
Nursing Program

Hussain currently works in the Neurosurgery unit at VCU Health, as a Registered Nurse. He quickly learned that doctors and nurses work together to treat a person as a whole, but specifically, doctors treat the problem or disease, and nurses treat the patient. A typical day consists of assessing patients, gathering vital signs, administering medications, and building rapport with patients to make sure they are comfortable. Reynolds helped Hussain prepare for a job as an RN by teaching him the assessment skills and providing hands-on experience caring for patients in a clinical setting. “Most of all, Reynolds faculty were supportive and there to help me if I did not understand something,” he said. Husssain enjoys the teaching and learning part of his job, and sees the potential to go anywhere in his career. The sky is the limit and he dreams of one day becoming a travel nurse and traveling abroad to expand his healthcare career.


Blake UnderdownBlake Underdown ‘14
Nursing Program

Blake is currently employed as a Registered Nurse at Henrico Doctors’ Hospital – Forest Campus. His flexible schedule allows him to work three days a week and only 12 days out of the month, giving him time to further his studies while earning an income. A typical day at the hospital involves working beside an interdisciplinary team of doctors, therapists, and nurses, to dissolve the best plan of care for patients. Blake’s ultimate goal is getting people better and home to the highest quality of life. Reynolds gave him the opportunity to experience learning in both the classroom and clinical setting. “My instructors prepared me for the real word and what to expect when I graduated,” he said. Because the career of nursing today is changing, and anyone can pursue it, Blake encourages other men to go for it because it is a career with unlimited opportunity. Blake is an avid music fan and his flexible work schedule allows him to travel for concerts and other music events.