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Summer 2015
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Making History

Why take this learning community? There just isn't a better, more fun place to study early America and its literature than Virginia and Richmond. Where else can you spend a day visiting one of the first English settlements, stop by an early Plantation to see life of the rich and poor, and visit where Tom Jefferson went to school? Where else can you sit in the graveyard where Poe's love is buried, stand where Patrick Henry said (we think), "Give me Liberty, or Give me Death," and see where the fate of the Civil War was decided? Much of the history of Early America took place in our own back yard, and this class brings together a chance to study this history alongside the authors and the writing that helped produce early America.

What else is special about this learning community? Every fourth (4th) class meeting consists of field experiences at area historical sites. Extra-credit opportunities abound!

Who should take this learning community? This learning community is a great opportunity for those interested in historical tourism, as well as university students who want to transfer summer coursework back to their primary college. In addition, the courses offered can help to fulfill the electives of several Reynolds programs.

This LC pairs the following classes:


HIS 121-01CP, T & TH, 8:00 am - 10:10 am


ENG 241-01CP, T & TH, 10:20 am - 12:30 pm

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How to Register for a Learning Community

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    That’s it!

    NOTE: If you get a “requisites not met” message, make sure you meet the prerequisites and BOTH classes are in your shopping cart! If you continue to have problems, just visit the Student Success Center.

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