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When any high school student with any form of college credit decides to attend a four-year college or university, the college or university makes three decisions about the student.

  • First, the college or university makes an admissions decision. Based on the high school record, does the student meet the admissions requirements of the college or university?

  • Second, the college or university will make a decision about the acceptance of transfer credit. This decision may be made at the admissions level or within the academic department to which the student’s major belongs.

  • Third, the college or university will make a decision about the social standing of the student. Social standing decisions vary by institution and might relate to housing or course registration windows.

All transfer decisions are made by the specific college or university to which the student has been admitted. Reynolds makes no guarantee about the transfer of the college credit students earn through participation in the ACA programs.  It is important to note that the college or university may make the decision about the transfer of college credits during the admissions process, once the student declares a major, or at some other time during the student’s enrollment at the college or university. 

Prospective ACA students should consult the transfer guides of the specific colleges or universities they wish to attend. These guides can often be found by accessing the transfer admissions portion of the college or university website. Students can also utilize the Transfer Tool of the State Council of Higher Education of Virginia (SCHEV). The tool can be found at Bear in mind that the information on the transfer tool does not constitute a formal evaluation of transfer credit or a guarantee of the transferability of courses and credits, and it is subject to change from time to time to ensure accuracy. For questions regarding the content of the transfer information, please contact the appropriate college or university.

Once enrolled in an ACA program, students should contact the specific college or university of interest, their high school counselor, their ACA career coach, or one of the career, employment, and transfer counselors at Reynolds for more information.

To request that an official transcript of your Reynolds coursework be sent to another institution, use the following form: