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Distance Learning

The Center for Distance Learning enables and supports learning options in a variety of settings through innovative, alternative delivery methods that provide access to learning opportunities from your home, office, or anywhere you have internet access. These options are designed to increase educational access to students for whom work schedules, family responsibilities, or other life demands restrict attendance at traditional on-campus classes. Online course work and interactions with the instructor and classmates are completed using the Reynolds Blackboard course management system.

Get Started

Distance Learning students should apply to Reynolds and register for classes the same way traditional students apply and register. Think about which online program you want to take. See Steps for Admission under Get Started for admissions procedures including advising and placement testing. Then see Steps to Register under Register for Classes.

Are you ready for Distance Learning courses at Reynolds?

Complete the Orientation to Learning Online.

All students who are new to distance learning are expected to complete CDL001: Orientation to Learning Online before the start of their first online course(s). CDL001: Orientation to Learning Online is a unique orientation module that prepares students for learning at a distance.

Within a week after your enrollment in your first online class, CDL001 will appear as a module within your Blackboard site. You can complete CDL001 online, at your own pace. The orientation helps you to understand how typical online courses are structured, paced, and facilitated. You will have the opportunity to interact with a facilitator and with other students, as you prepare for learning at a distance. 

  • The module can be completed within four to five days.
  • The learning activities require a total time commitment of 4-6 hours.
  • The entire module is delivered online, through Blackboard.
  • The module is facilitated by a dedicated instructor.
  • The module allows students to interact with other new distance learners.
  • CDL001 “teaches by doing;” students learn how to use Blackboard tools while gaining study skills, time management skills, and other essential information necessary for independent learning.
Students who successfully complete CDL001 receive a “Certificate of Completion” to share with their online instructors.