Middle College

Middle College

The Middle College program is a Virginia Community College System (VCCS) initiative that offers individuals ages 18 to 26, who have not completed high school, the opportunity to prepare for and enroll in college or postsecondary vocational training

This college transition program is designed for those individuals who have a desire to pursue college coursework, but need to attain a GED certificate first.

The Middle College offers the opportunity to:

  • Obtain a GED
  • Prepare for college level math and writing
  • Enroll at Reynolds
  • Earn college credit
  • Explore career paths
  • Earn a Career Readiness Certificate (CRC)
  • Apply for financial aid
  • Transition to college coursework

The Middle College program is offered free of charge to those students who qualify and are ready to make a commitment to the program and their future. This program is a one semester (approximately 4 month) program and day and evening classes are offered during Reynolds’ fall and spring semesters. An accelerated program is offered during the summer semester. Space is limited to 40 students per semester

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