Automotive Technology

Hybrid & Electric Vehicle Program Partners

US Department of Energy

US Department of Energy (DOE) Grant Collaboration (Grant# EE0002492)
Reynolds partnered with DOE's Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy Vehicle Technologies office to develop new courses for our advanced automotive training program, Hybrid & Electric Vehicle Technology Career Studies Certificate.

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Teaming with Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU)
As part of our efforts to develop these new courses, we teamed up with VCU's School of Engineering to build a prototype vehicle. The vehicle enhancements are designed to highlight the features of a hydrogen fuel cell system. The modified vehicle is used in our automotive labs at Goochland Campus for student instruction.

VCU Engineering Design Team Each member of the team is completing their BS-Mechanical Engineering degree. From left to right, the team included: Dr. Charles Cartin, faculty advisor, Taehon Yi, Christopher Balagtas, Hannah Cho, and Duncan Buie. Automotive Technology

Prototype Vehicle Design:
Heliocentris, a company which designs and builds autonomous energy supply and energy efficiency solutions, worked with Reynolds and the VCU engineering students to create the fuel cell prototype vehicle. Case Study Reynolds