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Center for Geospatial and Engineering Technologies

Center for Geospatial and Engineering Technologies

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The Center for Geospatial and Engineering Technologies at J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College offers an exciting and contemporary collection of cutting-edge classes in engineering technology. 

In addition, the College has been designated as one of four centers in the Virginia Community College System for geospatial training in the highly dynamic field of geospatial information and positioning systems. 

Engineering Technologies

Long an educational leader in central Virginia in the field of engineering applications such as computer-aided-design and visualization, Reynolds continues to serve the community as a resource for training in advanced engineering-based programs and innovative technology.  The following is a partial list of technological areas that are addressed in this department:

  • Building Information Modeling (BIM)

    Taught by practicing professionals from the architectural and engineering community, students can acquire valuable training in programs such as Revit, the industry leader in parametric modeling for advanced computer-aided-modeling of commercial building design.
  • Advanced 3D Modeling and Imaging

    Utilizing the same computer technology as that employed by professional animators in the motion picture industry, students learn first-hand skills and techniques that can produce photo-realistic imagery, both static and animated, as well as accurate lighting analysis for energy efficient design.
  • Computer-Assisted-Scheduling & Estimating

    A logical extension of CAD and BIM, classes in computer-based project scheduling and estimating represent the state-of-the-art project management tools for individuals who wish to pursue more of an administrative role in modern construction.

Geospatial Information & Positioning Technologies
J. Sargeant Reynolds today strives to maintain its status as a center for cutting edge technology by offering classes in the field of geospatial technology.  Cited as one of the top five emerging industries in the U.S. today, geospatial information and position technology has wide ranging applications covering industries such as environmental management, agriculture, engineering, real estate, public health, homeland security, etc.  The Center for Geospatial and Engineering Technologies provides the student courses in geospatial information analysis, application of positioning systems including remote sensing, and integration of GIS/GPS imagery with traditional CAD documents.

Student Project Samples

Student-board-michael-turner-01-Arch F (30 x 42)
Student-board-nathan-miller-01-Arch F (30 x 42)

Student-board-natsumi-oba-01-Arch F (30 x 42)
Student-board-vince-sheehan-01-Arch F (30 x 42)

Wen M. Andrews
Professor and Program Head
Department of Architectural & Civil Engineering Technology
(804) 523-5586