School of Nursing and Allied Health

Information Sessions

Nursing information sessions for new applicants

Information sessions are held for students that are near completion (or have completed) pre-requisite classes in the Registered Nursing and Practical Nurse CSC curriculums.  These sessions review the requirements to apply for the clinical classes that lead to an RN AAS degree and PN certificate.

Applicants must attend at least one mandatory information session to obtain an application for either of these programs. Attendance at an Information Session must be within 6 months of anticipated application to the degree program.

For the consideration of all participants, we ask parents to arrange for child care for children under the age of 5 years.

Kaplan Entrance Test Preparation

 Registered Nurse (RN) Information Sessions 




2015          94.25%

2014                       86.49%
2013                       83.23%
2012                       96.21%
2011                       95.08%
2010                       91.06%



LPN to AAS in Nursing Program Information Sessions 




Practical Nurse (PN) Information Sessions



 Application Deadline is May 15, 2017


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Room 507
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Dean Susan Hunter, Ph.D.