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Essential Facts and Figures


Line Graph of Enrollment

Reynolds Community College is the third largest community college in the Commonwealth of Virginia. As of 2017-18, 5,769 full-time equivalent students attended Reynolds. Mirroring a common trend of many other community colleges, enrollment at Reynolds has fallen since it's peak in 2012-13.  Reynolds has three brick and mortar campus: Parham Road campus (Henrico), Downtown campus (City of Richmond), and Goochland campus. Parham Road campus is the largest with over 7,200 actual students attending at least one class on that campus in 2017-18.  Our virtual campus also has just over 7,200 actual students attending at least one online class in 2017-18.

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Awards and Degrees

 Line Graph of Graduates

 Reynolds awarded 1,643 degrees, certificates, and career studies certificates in 2017-18, up 70% from 10-years ago. Of these awards, 56% were associates degrees; 23% were certificates; and 21% were career studies certificates. 75% of the awards were earned by students in our service area (Goochland, Hanover, Henrico, Louisa, Powhatan, and city of Richmond).

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Demographics and Locality

 Enrollment Density - Richmond MSA

 Many of our students (75%) are from our service area, which includes Goochland, Hanover, Henrico, Louisa, and Powhatan counties as well as the city of Richmond; however, we have students from all parts of Virginia. We even had 294 students from foreign countries enrolled in 2017-18. Our student body is a majority "minority" (i.e., non-White); approximately 51% are of a minority race and/or ethnicity. Further, we boost approximately 3,110 first generation students, meaning that neither the student's mother nor father attended any college.  Also, we offer educational opportunities to students of varying ages. Only 36% of our students are in the traditional 18-21 category. In fact, nearly 25% of our students are 30 years old or older.

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Demographic Data Explorer - Summer 2013 to Spring 2018

Demographic Data Explorer - 2013-2018

Enrollment Characteristics by Locality: Richmond MSA - Summer 2015 to Spring 2018


Dual Enrollment

 Dual Enrollment Map

 In 2017-18, Reynolds enrolled 1,243 high school students who earned college credits while still in high school. This included 346 students who were working towards earning an associates degree while simultaneously earning a high school diploma. Dual enrollment courses were offered at 19 regional high schools in eight different localities.

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Dual Enrollment by Off-campus High School or Technical Center - 2013-2018

Dual Enrollment Course Offerings by Academic School - 2017-2018


Reynolds Online

Reynolds Online Trend - 5-Years

 Our largest "campus" is our virtual campus; over 50% of our students attempt at least one course via distance learning.  During the summer, as many as 56% of students attempt a course(s) online. Overall, 29% of all of our seats filled are "virtual" seats. In both fall and spring of 2017-18, approximately 17-18% of students attended only online courses.

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Reynolds Online Courses Offerings by Academic School - 2017-2018