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Business Office


Students must drop classes they do not wish to take by the published drop deadline. Refunds are processed after the Last Day to Drop with a Refund (see the Academic Calendar) and take approximately three weeks to be received. All tuition refunds are issued to students in the form of a check from the Treasurer of the Commonwealth of Virginia, with the exception of those refunds for students whose payments were made via MyReynolds with debit or credit card. These refunds will be credited to the debit or credit card from which the tuition was paid. Payments made online by eCheck from checking or savings accounts are refunded in the form of a check.

Refunds for drops for special session courses (shorter or longer course duration and/or offered at times other than the published semester begin date) will be permitted through the first 15% of the course length. Students should verify the refund deadline for such courses at a Student Success Center and ensure their mailing address on file with Reynolds is accurate. Refund processing times for special session courses take approximately four weeks to be received.


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