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Technology Support

As a college student, it is important that you are comfortable with the technology available to help you communicate with your professors, complete your assignments, and succeed with your academics.  Occasionally, you may run into an issue and require assistance.

Reynolds Tech Support can assist with the following services:

MyReynolds Logo

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  • Student Information System (SIS) - used for course registration, transcript evaluation, etc.
  • Gmail - used for official email communication with faculty, staff and other students
  • Blackboard - used for completing assignments, viewing course grades, etc.

    Blackboard Introduction
    Click on the video to view Blackboard instructional topics.

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Free Student Software

Click on an image link to download the software to your computer.

DreamSpark Logo 

Available to students each semester that are actively enrolled in an ITD, ITE, ITN, ITP or CSC  course.  Choose from a vast library of Microsoft software such as Visio and Server 2016.


Office 365 Logo 

Available to all currently employed faculty and staff and currently enrolled students each semester to create and edit files using programs from the Microsoft Office suite.

VCCS (Virginia Community College System) is now providing up to 1 terabyte (TB) of storage for students to store documents using the Microsoft OneDrive for Business and Microsoft Office Online services through the Student Advantage Portal.  To learn more about this service, please click the link below view the official documentation.

OneDrive and Office Online Guide

Symantec Logo 

Available to all currently employed faculty and staff and currently enrolled students to harden Windows and Mac computer systems against the threat of viruses and other malware.


Flash Player Logo

Adobe Flash Player - needed to view most Internet video files such as on YouTube



Java Logo

Java - needed for certain web content, such as Blackboard Collaborate


Adobe Reader Logo

Adobe Reader - needed to view PDF files



Mozilla Firefox Logo

Mozilla Firefox - a free web browser


QuickTime Logo

Apple QuickTime - needed to view some Internet video files



LockDown Browser Logo

Respondus LockDown Browser - required for some proctored tests and quizzes in Blackboard



Note: Apple is no longer providing security updates for
QuickTime on computers running Microsoft Windows.  It is recommended that Windows users remove QuickTime
from their computers to avoid any security risks.

 Google Chrome Logo 

Google Chrome - a free web browser


VLC Logo

VLC Media Player - universal audio and video player


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Printing at Reynolds

Equitrac logo

At each campus library/computer lab, an Equitrac pay-to-print station will be available for students to purchase a reloadable card for printing documents.

The cost of the card itself is $1.00.  A minimum value of $1.00 must also be loaded onto the card.  The value on the card can be incremented by $1.00 or $5.00 up to a maximum of $10.00.

Each document that is printed costs $0.05 per page in black and white, and $0.20 per page in color.

To view a video tutorial on how to purchase a reloadable card, click here (requires Apple QuickTime software for viewing; For Windows users, the video can played using VLC Media Player).

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Student Computing Initiative

Students are strongly encouraged to purchase a personally-owned computer or use a computer in one of the campus Computer Labs/Libraries to foster academic growth at Reynolds Community College.

Recommended Specifications for Adequate Performance on a Personally-Owned Computer:

  • Operating System: Windows 7 Home Premium or greater, or Mac OS X 10.8 or greater
  • Memory:  At least 4 GB (gigabytes) of RAM
  • Networking:  An Ethernet port and Wi-Fi capability
  •  Processor:  2.2 GHz (gigahertz) processor or greater
  •  Display:  1280 x 1084 resolution or greater
  •  Hard Drive:  At least 320 GB of free space; can be supplemented with a thumb drive that has at least 8 GB of free space
  •  Optical Drive:  DVD-R or DVD+R with at least 8x disc write speed
  • Security:  Firewall-enabled with some type of antivirus software installed
  • Other:  At least 1 or 2 USB ports

Academic pricing discounts are available on major computer/tablet brands including:

HP Dell Apple Microsoft
HP Logo  Dell Logo  Apple Logo  Microsoft Logo 
  •  To make a purchase through Apple, click here.  Note: You must login with an existing Apple ID or create a new one.
  • To make a purchase through Best Buy, click here.
  • To make a purchase through Dell [University], click here.
  • To make a purchase through the Microsoft Education Store, click here.

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Mobile Device Checkout Service

Lending Tablet

Students can now check out mobile devices, such as laptops and tablets, from any of the three campus libraries for up to four hours.  Devices that can be checked out (at no cost to students) include:

  • Dell Inspiron 7000 series 2-in-1 notebook running Windows 10
  • HP Chromebook
  • Apple iPad Air 2

    Note:  The Parham Road and Downtown Campus libraries both have five (5) of each device available for checkout.  The Goochland Campus library has two (2) of each device available for checkout.

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