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MyReynolds Username

Users must look up their Username, Emplid, provide a security question, and set a password before they can access their account. If you don’t already know your username and password, click “look up your username and set your password” on the MyReynolds login page.

Then, enter your first and last names as they appear on official college documents (grade reports, etc), enter your birth date in the format shown, and enter your social security number and click Search.

Set your password. Enter a new password then retype the new password and scroll down
to set security question.

Set your security question. Select a security question from the list of questions or create your own question then enter you answer in the answer box. Click Next.

Your Username and Emplid will be displayed. Print the page and save it for your records.

Wait 10 minutes for your password to be accepted.

Click Please Log In.

Enter your password and click Log In.

You can also view your information by clicking View My Information from the My Tools screen.