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New Student Orientation

Student Orientation, Advising and Registration (SOAR)

Welcome to Reynolds Community College!

At this time, all SOAR (new student orientation) sessions have ended.  Please go directly to one of the Enrollment Services Offices to be advised for fall classes.

Enrollment Services Locations:

  • Downtown Campus, 1st floor lobby, Room 105
  • Parham Road Campus, 100 Georgiadis Hall
  • Goochland Campus, Lobby
  • Check the Enrollment Services site for hours of operation.

Here are some tips to get ready for fall semester:

  • Apply to the College.   If you did not put your social security number on your college application and you plan to receive financial aid, please bring your social security card and a state issued photo ID with you to Enrollment Services. 
  • Set up your username and password, including the required security questions, in MyREYNOLDS. 
  • Study for and take your placement tests.  In some cases, students can be exempt from taking placement tests.  The Office of Admissions and Records will review your official high school transcript to determine math placement test waivers.  You can also send your official SAT scores to determine a math or English waiver.  In many cases, a score of 560+ in critical reading and writing will waive the English portion.  In many cases, a score of 550+ will waive the math portion of the placement test. 
  • Send official transcripts to the Office of Admissions and Records
  • Apply for Financial Aid.  If you plan to receive financial aid and did not include your social security number on your college application, bring your social security card and a state-issued photo ID with you to Enrollment Services.   Once that information is in the system, financial aid awards can be processed. 
  • Complete online orientation.
  • If you do not have one, obtain a photo ID, which is necessary for placement testing and some MyReynolds password re-sets.  A valid state drivers license or state-issued ID is acceptable.  Other forms of government issued IDs are acceptable, such as a current passport.  

Online Orientation Instructions

Watch online Orientation before being advised.  This valuable resource offers information about:  academic programs, paying for college, placement tests, placement waivers, registering for classes, financial aid, campus safety, and getting involved in campus life.

It is recommended to view online Orientation in Google Chrome. 

When you enter the online Orientation site for the first time, using the link above, follow these steps:

  • Click register and complete the registration form.
  • You will be at your dashboard.  You can start viewing the online orientation.
  • Watch the videos, read each section, and take the quizzes.
  • Congratulations!  You now have the knowledge necessary to be engaged in your advising session.  
  • See an advisor in one of the Enrollment Services Office.  

Student IDs and Parking Decals

Fall 2016 parking decals will be available beginning August 22.  Follow these instructions in order to obtain one.  

New fall students can obtain a college ID card from August 22 until September 2 from the Department of Police.  Check the list of times and locations.  


Directions to campus

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