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Reynolds General Scholarship Program

The 2016-17 General Scholarship Application  is closed.  Current applicants will be notified by August 1.  Please return in January for news on the 2017-2018 application.

J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College offers a variety of scholarships to students with diverse interests and backgrounds. Every year, Reynolds awards scholarships to students in excess of $350,000. Individual scholarship awards can range from $100 to $4,000.  Reynolds scholarships are established by our Educational Foundation and awarded by the Reynolds Scholarship Committee.  There is one common application that prospective and current students should complete between January and April 15 to be considered for all scholarships available. Additional information on the application process can be found in the FAQ section of this page.

Scholarship Fund Descriptions

There are a variety of scholarships available. Some are general while others are for specific programs of study or for students who live in a particular locality. 

Most are awarded via the College's annual scholarship application. Awards are only available for fall and spring semesters unless otherwise stated in the description below.


Alan Waters Memorial Endowed Scholarship


Alan Waters, 24, of Glen Allen, Virginia was a student in the J. Sargeant Reynolds Automotive program. Alan was also a graduate of Hermitage High School and participated in the automotive program at their technical center. His passion was cars and working on cars so he looked forward to the opportunity to professionally and skillfully repair cars as his vocation. To honor his memory and passion the Alan Waters Memorial Scholarship Fund was established in order to keep Alan’s dream and passion alive so others could be equipped to service the automotive industry.


Allison and James Aman Memorial Endowed Scholarship


This scholarship was established by the friends and family of Dr. Allison Aman. Dr. Aman joined the college faculty in 1974 and served as program head for biology on the Downtown Campus from 1976 until her death in January 1983. James, husband of Dr. Aman, supported the scholarship during his lifetime and upon his death left a legacy gift to further endow the fund. To be eligible for this scholarship, students must be enrolled in the AS Science curriculum or in a School of Math, Science and Engineering program. They must have a minimum 3.2 cumulative GPA and have completed at least 12 semester credit hours of non-developmental coursework applicable to the curriculum. Students must have completed three or more semester credit hours of Science or Mathematics courses (with prefix BIO, CHM, NAS, and MTH) with a “C” or better.


American Society of Highway Engineers Scholarship


The mission of the American Society of Highway Engineers, Old Dominion Section (ASHE) is to provide a forum for members and partners of the highway industry to promote a safe, efficient and sustainable highway system through education, innovation and fellowship. Preference for this scholarship is given to eligible students enrolled in the Civil Engineering Technology track, with a minimum 2.5 cumulative GPA.  Applicants must have completed at least 12 credits hours of non-developmental coursework in the Engineering program.  Recipients remaining in good standing, are eligible to receive subsequent year awards.  Recipients of this award are also required to attend one ASHE sponsored event during the academic year.


Andrew H. McCutcheon, Jr. Memorial Scholarship


In honor of Andrew McCutcheon, a former Educational Foundation Board member and Scholarship Committee Chair, this scholarship is awarded to an eligible Nursing applicant with a minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA. Although Mr. McCutcheon spent much of his career working as a sports writer and political strategist, his family wanted to honor his memory by supporting aspiring healthcare professionals, much like those that nursed their loved one during his illness.


Association For Corporate Growth Scholarship


The Association for Corporate Growth is an international association founded in 1954. The mission of the association is to promote the professional interests of its members by offering quality programs and education to enhance members’ professional skills. The current membership of the association is 4,000 individuals representing 2,100 companies that manufacture a wide range of consumer and industrial products as well as firms that supply related services. The Association for Corporate Growth’s Richmond Chapter has established a scholarship to support students interested in pursing a career in business. Eligible students must reside in Virginia and be recent high school graduates.


Becky Briggs Memorial Scholarship


Established in 1990 by the Western Henrico Rotary Club, this scholarship provides a memorial to Becky Briggs, daughter of a Western Henrico Rotarian. Students are selected on the basis of commitment to community service and scholastic achievement. Preference is generally given to graduates of Douglas Freeman, J. R. Tucker, and Hermitage High Schools.


Betty Green Parson Memorial Endowed Scholarship


Betty Green Parson returned to school in midlife and developed renewed energy and enthusiasm as a result of her years at Reynolds. When her life was abruptly cut short by an aneurysm in 1985, her family and friends established the Betty Green Parson Memorial Scholarship in her memory. The criteria for this scholarship require that the student be female and planning to enter or reenter the work force. The student must be at least 30 years old and enrolled in the liberal arts curriculum at the college.


Brian Cho Memorial Scholarship


Biology instructor Dr. Brian Cho taught at Reynolds for four years before losing a battle to cancer in September of 2007. To continue the work he loved, his mother Phyllis started a scholarship in honor of her son. The scholarship is awarded to a student majoring in Biology or Science.


Burford Leimenstoll Foundation of Betty Sams Christian Scholarship


This scholarship was established in memory of Betty Sams Christian, a role model for women in business and for compassionate care of those in need. In 1982, at the age of 60, Mrs. Christian stepped up to run her family's business, the Central Coca Cola Bottling Company, Inc., in Richmond, Virginia. For 21 years, as President and Chairman of the Board, she successfully managed this enterprise. She maintained a profitable and independent corporation while always caring for her employees and those in need. Mrs. Christian encouraged other women to pursue business careers and she supported the organization of the Women's Bank in Richmond. Preference is given to a student residing in the Middlesex county area or who formerly attended the Learning Bridge program at the Collegiate Schools.


Carmax Automotive Scholarship


The CarMax Foundation was established to support the communities where their Associates live and work. Over the past several years, they have provided volunteers, matching gifts, and grants to worthy nonprofit organizations. The CarMax Automotive scholarship was established to assist Reynolds Automotive students in good academic standing. Preference is given to second year students with a minimum 2.5 cumulative GPA.


Cedar Street Baptist Churh of God Scholarship


Clyde, Dorothy & Rand Pittman Memorial Endowed Scholarship


Randy Pittman who originally established this award to honor his parents, Clyde and Dorothy, was added to the memorial upon his passing in 2010. Randy Pittman's legacy will live on through the innumerous lives he touched as a professor of math at J. Sargeant Reynolds and Virginia Commonwealth University. His dedication to teaching led to lifelong relationships with both students and colleagues that he treasured deeply. He was known to make a personal investment in his students by mentoring them in much more than mathematics. Preference for this scholarship is given to students in good academic standing pursing an Associate of Science degree with a concentration in Math.


Dennis and Hanh Hellenguard Endowed Scholarship


The Dennis and Hanh Hellenguard Scholarship was established to assist students enrolled in any certificate or degree program, and is available regardless of national test scores or scholastic average. The purpose of the scholarship is to assist students in learning a marketable skill. The scholarship provides sufficient funds to cover one year of in-state tuition, books and fees.


Dennis Foundation Endowed Scholarship


The Dennis Foundation has established this scholarship for students in need of financial assistance. This scholarship is given to an eligible Reynolds Community College scholarship applicant who has exhibited academic excellence.


Dimitri and Maggie Georgiadis Endowed Scholarship


For Dimitri and Maggie Georgiadis, the United States is not their native country. From their own experiences, they realize that mastery of the English language is extremely important for new arrivals to this country who wish to be effective, productive, and happy. Lack of proficiency in English will inhibit newcomers in taking full advantage of the great opportunities offered by this country. Dimitri and Maggie hope that through this scholarship, some individuals may more easily reach their goals of becoming productive and successful members of this country. Preference for this award is given to students who have completed ESL classes and students who are majoring in Liberal Arts programs.


Dual Enrollment Scholarship


To encourage high school students to continue their education at Reynolds, the Educational Foundation established a Dual Enrollment Scholarship. This scholarship is awarded to several high school seniors who complete dual enrollment courses while attending high school. These courses meet their high school and college requirements.


Earl Smith Memorial Scholarship


The Earl Smith Memorial Scholarship was established by an employee of J. Sargeant Reynolds. This scholarship will provide assistance to students who would like to continue their education.


Eric and Jeanette Lipman Endowed Scholarship


Scholarship supports the education of part-time and/or full-time students at Reynolds. It is available to any eligible scholarship applicant with intent to matriculate at the college.


Evelyn D. Reinhart Endowed Nursing Scholarship


Awarded to deserving students who have been accepted into the nursing program and hold a 3.0 cumulative GPA. Preference is given to a student who is from a single parent family or the first sibling to further their education beyond high school. Recipients must be willing to seek employment as a nurse at a healthcare facility or continue to study nursing at a four-year college upon graduation.


EWI Adult Students in Scholastic Transition Scholarship


Executive Women International Richmond Chapter established this scholarship to provide direct assistance to adults in transitional situations who, for varied reasons, need funding or assistance for education to achieve career goals. EWI is committed to assisting individuals who are facing some form of transition in their lives such as a homemaker entering the job market for the first time, an adult recently out placed due to restructuring or cutbacks, an adult making a career change; or an adult faced with change necessitated by family or personal crisis. This scholarship has a separate application and recipients are screened and selected by the EWI Richmond Chapter. Contact the Reynolds Scholarship Office for information on how to apply.


Follett Endowed Scholarship


Follett is the nation's largest operator of college bookstores, with more than 800 locations. They are the industry's premier wholesale book distributor—a leader in helping students manage the increasing cost of a college education. This scholarship is given to an eligible Reynolds Community College scholarship applicant who has exhibited academic excellence


Foster Foundation Nursing Scholarship


The Foster Nursing Scholarship was established to provide monetary aid to students in an effort to decrease the shortage of qualified nurses in our region. Eligible students should be enrolled in the Nursing program. Awards are given on the basis of academic achievement.


Fred McConnell Engineering Scholarship


In honor of Dr. Fred McConnell, one of the charter faculty members of J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College, a scholarship has been established for students in the engineering program. Dr. McConnell has always exemplified a strong commitment to our engineering students and given much

encouragement over the years. His dedication to the civil engineering program has impacted the lives and success of students pursuing a career in this field.


General Scholarship


The General Scholarship is funded by individuals who make gifts of $2,500 or less to support scholarships for students attending J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College. Scholarships awarded from the General Scholarship fund are based on academic excellence and financial need.


General Horticulture Scholarship Fund


Contributors: Arbor Scapes, Henrico Master Gardeners Association, Central Virginia Nursery and Landscaping Association. These donors gifts support a general scholarship fund designated for Horticulture applicants.  Eligible students should be in good academic standing and endorsed by a Horticulture Program Faculty member.


General Nursing Scholarship Fund


Reynolds is extremely grateful for the gifts we receive from these donors dedicated to supporting aspiring Nursing professionals.  Contributors to the General Nursing fund: RECO Foundation, …….


George and Mae Bartek Endowed Scholarship


The Mae and George Bartek Memorial Scholarship was established by an employee of J. Sargeant Reynolds in memory of his parents. The Bartek’s were committed to helping others, and this scholarship will provide assistance to students who would like to continue their education


George H. Flowers, Jr. Memorial Endowed Scholarship


This scholarship was established in honor of George H. Flowers, Jr. to assist aspiring Engineering students. Mr. Flowers was a man who loved his family, his church and the Richmond community. He believed passionately in education for everyone. After working and serving in the US Army during World War II, Mr. Flowers went on to start two successful businesses. The latter being a waste-to-energy manufacturing business located in Mechanicsville, VA. George Flowers was known for thinking futuristically, studying advanced machines and how to control them. He was sometimes mildly frustrated by his lack of formal engineering background when confronted with technical problems but would quickly turn such roadblocks into opportunities.

Recipients of this award should be enrolled in the transfer AS Engineering program and have completed at least 8 credits of non-developmental courses with a minimum overall GPA of 2.5.


Gibb Family Scholarship


The Gibb Family Scholarship was established by Andrew and Pat Gibb in memory of Andrew's mother Lucy S. Gibb who passed away in 2007. Lucy worked for the U.S. State Department for many years before her retirement and served in U.S. Embassies in Bangladesh, Turkey and the Philippines. She was a patriot who greatly admired and respected our military and particularly the U.S Marine embassy guards who shielded them from harm’s way. In one harrowing example during her tenure in Pakistan, thousands of militants attacked and set fire to the U.S. embassy in Pakistan, leaving 140

Americans in a smoke-filled building. One Marine corporal lost his life defending them, but eventually the group was led to safety. Lucy Gibb always credited the Marines for saving their lives that day. The Gibb Family scholarship is for active or honorably discharged members of our armed forces recognizing their service and sacrifice.


Grace Crank Sargeant Memorial Endowed Scholarship


Virginia S. Reynolds established this scholarship in 1993 in memory of her mother. The scholarship is based on academic excellence.


Grace Hospital Alumnae Nursing Scholarship


The Grace Hospital Alumnae Association is a very active association interested in assisting nursing students pursue their careers. The Association established this scholarship to provide support for nursing students attending Reynolds. Academic excellence and financial need is taken into consideration. The members of the Association select recipients among eligible Reynolds scholarship applicants.


Harry and Virginia Ritchie Memorial Scholarship


The Harry and Virginia Ritchie Memorial Scholarship was established by their daughter, a Reynolds administrator, to honor her parents. Mr. and Mrs. Ritchie were devoted parents and helped many people in need during their lifetime. Through this scholarship their service to others can continue in their memory by assisting a student enrolled in a transfer or occupational-technical program at Reynolds, who has also demonstrated service to others.


Hope Fried Memorial Scholarship


Ida Chumakova Scholarship for Immigrant Students


This scholarship was established to honor the memory of Ida Chumakova. Preference for this scholarship is given to immigrants or direct descendants of immigrants from countries of the former Soviet Union.


J. Franklin Sargeant Memorial Endowed Scholarship


J. Franklin Sargeant spent most of his 96 years serving Louisa County. A man of great charm, he was active in politics, senior warden of St. James’

Episcopal Church, and well loved by all who knew him. With a spirit of independence that characterized his life as a business and family man, Sargeant continued to live alone, although legally blind, during the last years of his life. He is warmly remembered for his sense of authority, directness, integrity, and his love of life –all qualities inherited by his grandson and the college’s namesake, J. Sargeant Reynolds. This scholarship was established by Mr. Sargeant’s daughter, Mrs. Richard S. Reynolds, Jr., in 1989. The J. Franklin Sargeant Scholarship is given each year to a full-time student from Louisa or Goochland Counties on the basis of academic excellence. High School graduates during the recent academic year are eligible to apply.


James Bauer Funkhouser Memorial Endowed Scholarship


The James Bauer Funkhouser Memorial Scholarship was established to honor an educator and a dedicated servant of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Dr. Funkhouser, who died in 1983, was a native of Indiana. He served as a major in the U.S. Army in North Africa and Italy during World War II with the 45th General Field Hospital Unit, which originated at MCV. He received the Bronze Star. After the war, he moved his family to Richmond and was chief of psychiatry at McGuire Veterans Administration Hospital. Dr. Funkhouser served for many years in the Department of Mental Health and Mental

Retardation and was its deputy commissioner from 1957 until his retirement in 1979. During his career, he was an expert consultant in the

interpretation of brainwaves, an associate professor of psychiatry at MCV, and a lecturer in psychiatry at VCU. Continuing education was important to him, and he requested that his epitaph read simply, “Reverentiam Scientiae Habebat” (He Revered Knowledge). Dr. Funkhouser and his wife Gene had three children: John, Alice, and Laura. The scholarship is a gift from Alice (Funkhouser) and George Flowers.


John Augustin Boothe Memorial Scholarship (PAVE)


The Program for Adults in Vocational Education (PAVE) is a special training program for adults with mild mental disabilities. PAVE, a nontransferable

career studies program, provides post-secondary training that incorporates academic instruction, job skills training, and community-based internships.

It is a transition option that increases the level of success, confidence, and competence in work skills. The John Augustine Boothe Memorial Scholarship enables PAVE students to pursue a post-secondary education training program that will provide them with employable skills. Only those students

participating in the PAVE program who have completed the Reynolds scholarship application and are nominated by the program director are eligible to receive this award.


John H. Wilton, Jr. Memorial Endowed Scholarship/HBAR


Established by the Home Builders Association of Richmond, a residential construction trade association, this scholarship honors the memory of John H. Wilton, Jr. Mr. Wilton was an outstanding member, officer, and friend. He died tragically in a racing accident in 1993. Applicants must be full-time

students with a minimum 2.5 cumulative GPA. They must demonstrate a willingness to participate in HBAR community service projects. Preference is given to students enrolled or planning to enroll in industry related courses.


Josephine Holcomb Memorial Endowed Scholarship


This scholarship was established in memory of Dr. Josephine Holcomb, who served as chairperson of the Division of Humanities and Social Sciences at Reynolds.


Local Board Scholarship


The efforts and generosity of the Reynolds Board make it possible for one student in each of the 25 area high schools to receive this scholarship. Students must have a minimum 2.0 cumulative GPA and enroll in a degree granting program. Only one scholarship is awarded to each of the high schools in the area. The high school must complete the College Board Nomination Form to designate the recipient. High school seniors should contact their Guidance Counselors for additional information.


Ladysmith Ladies Auxiliary Fire Science Scholarship


The Ladysmith Auxiliary of Caroline County established the first Fire Science scholarship for students in 2007. A member’s son that completed the Fire Science program had such a positive experience at the College that he encouraged his mother and the Auxiliary to create a scholarship. This award is given bi-yearly to a student majoring in Fire Science with preference given to a Ladysmith or Caroline County resident.


Lawrence C. Roderer Memorial Scholarship


Prior to his passing in 2011, Dr. Roderer enjoyed a full career in education, teaching both high school and college students for over forty years. He taught English at Reynolds for 32 years where he introduced a course on literature of the sea. Preference for this scholarship is given to applicants

majoring in Liberal Arts or Liberal Arts with a Teacher Preparation specialization.


Lettie Pate Whitehead Nursing Scholarship


The Lettie Pate Whitehead scholarship program provides scholarships and grants to schools and colleges to support deserving female students. Lettie Pate Whitehead was a well known philanthropist with a dedication for helping those in need, contributing to numerous charities in Georgia and Virginia throughout her lifetime. Scholarships are awarded to female students with financial need pursuing A.A.S. degrees in Nursing at Reynolds.


Lonnie Wolfe Memorial Scholarship


The Lonnie Wolfe Memorial Scholarship was established in recognition of a beloved member of the Reynolds Community College staff.  Dedicated to

service, Mr. Wolfe was considered a friend and mentor to may of his colleagues and recognized for the positive influence he had on the culture of the college.  Known for his humor and spirit, as well as a vast collection of Hawaiian shirts, Mr. Wolfe inspired the creation of the Lonnie Shirt Day, which is recognized by staff and faculty.  During his tenure, Mr. Wolfe established a program whereby computers retired by the College are prepared and

donated to needy schools.


Margaret Whitesel Endowed Scholarship


Margaret Ellis Whitesel grew up on her father’s dairy farm in Henrico County. For 41 years she served as an elementary school teacher in the Henrico County Public School System. Preference is given to Louisa County residents; however, the recipient must be from the Richmond Area.


Markel Endowed Scholarship


The Markel Business Scholars program was established to address the financial needs of students wishing to pursue a career in the field of Business. The scholarship provides tuition assistance to one student majoring in Business Administration. In order to be considered for this award, students must meet the general scholarship program requirements and be planning to transfer to Virginia Commonwealth University upon completion of course

requirements at Reynolds.


Mary Jo Moton Scholarship


Mary Jo Moton dedicated many years to Reynolds in several capacities including faculty member and Department Chair in the Human Services program. Preference for this scholarship is given to female students who may be responsible for children with limited resources.


Mary Morton Parsons Endowed Scholarship


The Mary Morton Parsons Foundation has made it possible for several students who are currently attending Reynolds to complete their educational goals. Students must have a minimum 2.5 cumulative GPA and have completed a minimum of 12 semester credits. Students must not be receiving other financial aid. A strong emphasis is placed on community and school involvement.


The Mended Hearts Nursing Scholarship


The Central Virginia Chapter of Mended Hearts, Inc. provides a $1,000 scholarship to an eligible applicant in the second-year of the Reynolds RN

program.  Consideration is given to students with expressed interest and/or experience in Cardiac Nursing.  The recipient should exhibit superior

academic performance and have financial need.  Endorsement from a Nursing faculty is also required.  


Metropolitan Health Foundation Scholarship


The Metropolitan Health Foundation has quietly worked to improve the health of all people throughout the Greater Richmond area for over ten years. The Foundation has worked to improve nursing instruction at the college by funding audiovisual materials, equipment, and special furniture needed to prepare students for the real world experiences in area hospitals. Additionally, the Trustees have helped deserving students to pursue an associate’s

degree in nursing at Reynolds through this scholarship. To be eligible, students must be enrolled in the nursing program and agree to work in the

Richmond area for one year for each year the scholarship is received. They must have successfully completed NUR 111 with a passing grade of “C” or better OR must be currently enrolled in NUR 111 and obtain a letter from the course instructor stating that the student is doing “C” or better work in both clinical and theory.


Michael David Dobbs Memorial Scholarship


The Michael David Dobbs Memorial Scholarship was established by the Dobbs family to honor the memory of Mike, a graduate of Hermitage High School and Bridgewater College. Mike was an avid runner and participated in cross country and track at both schools. He was a communications major at Bridgewater, enjoyed doing things with friends and meeting new people. The student receiving this award must be a graduate of Hermitage High School and must have completed at least 24 credit hours with a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or better. Full and part-time students are eligible.


Nathan and Marni Bushnell Nursing Scholarship


The Nathan and Marni Bushnell Nursing Scholarship has been established through an annual grant from the Nathan and Marui Bushnell Family Fund at The Community Foundation Serving Richmond and Cenlral Virginia.  The gift is to be used to provide scholarship assistance to female students accepted into Reynolds Community College's Nursing Associate of Applied Science program, with preference given to students holding the credential of Certified Nurse Aide (CNA) or Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) wishing to advance to the level of Registered Nurse (RN). Eligible applicants should also have

financial need and a minimum 2.5 cumulative GPA.


Nathan and Sophia Gumenick Family Endowed Scholarship


Nathan S. Gumenick was a pioneer in the field of real estate. He was responsible for building and managing apartments and homes throughout his

native Virginia and in the state of Florida. Nathan Gumenick, along with his beloved wife, Sophia, was one of the country’s most generous

philanthropists. His many charitable gifts reached out to various educational, religious, and medical institutions. This scholarship follows Gumenick’s

legacy of commitment to the field of education. It will be joined with his other generous achievements at the University of Richmond, Medical College of Virginia, the College of William and Mary, and the University of Miami in Florida. Students enrolled in a business program are eligible to apply for this scholarship.


Nelson Beane Memorial Scholarship


The Nelson Beane Memorial Scholarship was established in honor of a dedicated J. Sargeant Reynolds College Board member. This scholarship is
given to an eligible Reynolds Community College scholarship applicant who has exhibited academic excellence.


Nursing Endowed Scholarship


This scholarship was established to help address the need for qualified nurses in the Richmond metropolitan area. Many students may become

discouraged in pursing a nursing career because of the cost of taking these prerequisite courses. The strong commitment to assist nursing students has led to the establishment of this endowed scholarship.


Pat Perkinson Memorial Scholarship


This scholarship was established to honor the memory of beloved wife, mother, grandmother and sister, Pat Perkinson. Ms. Perkinson was an

accomplished Public Relations professional, and journalist and Community College supporter having served as Community Services Director at

J. Sargeant Reynolds for a time. The recipient of this scholarship shall demonstrate financial need, have completed a minimum of 30 credits and have at least a 3.0 cumulative GPA. Preference is given to a student who is pursuing a major that will result in a employment after graduation.


Paul Rooney Memorial Endowed Scholarship


Protech Dental Studio Scholarship


The purpose of the Protech Dental Studio scholarship is to provide financial support for one first-year and one second-year student in the Dental Lab Technology Program at Reynolds. It is given with the hope that these resources will encourage and motivate students to pursue the field of Dental Lab Technology in order to alleviate the severe shortage of trained dental technicians available for employment in commercial dental laboratories. Eligible students should be enrolled in required dental lab courses and will be evaluated on technical ability, academic success, academic need and a narrative explaining their professional goals. Selections are made by an independent committee comprised of Dental Lab Technology faculty, advisory committee members and dental professionals.


Reynolds Classified Council Scholarship


Representing the Classified Staff of Reynolds, the Classified Council raises funds to support the college’s scholarship program through fundraising events such as the Annual Scholarship Bowl. In 2009, the Council established a named scholarship with an annual award given to a Reynolds student who has attended at least one semester at the college with a minimum 2.5 GPA.


Reynolds Family Scholarships in Memory of J. Sargeant Reynolds


The Reynolds family established this fund to celebrate the qualities embodied in the late J. Sargeant Reynolds, for whom the College is named. By commemorating his outstanding character and unwavering integrity through a gift that fosters this potential in today’s young people, the family foundation has established a permanent scholarship fund.  Funds from this scholarship are largely dedicated to supporting students accepted into the Reynolds Honors Program.

Richmond Academy of Medicine Alliance Foundation Scholarship


In support of those students pursuing a career in nursing, the Richmond Academy of Medicine Alliance Foundation established a scholarship program for Reynolds students.


Robert & Lucylle Gordon Memorial Endowed Scholarship


The Robert and Lucylle Gordon Scholarship was established by Sovereign Bank in memory of Robert L. Gordon, Jr. Mr. Gordon was a charter member of the Reynolds Board and remained active for a number of years. Mrs. Gordon served on the Reynolds Educational Foundation Board, as well as the

Reynolds Scholarship Committee. Students applying for this scholarship must be enrolled in the business program, have sophomore status, and possess a minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA.


Robert A. Heinz Memorial Scholarship


Dr. Robert “Bob” Heinz, was the dean of the School of Business and Engineering and began his tenure at J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College in 2000. Prior to coming to Reynolds, he served as business professor and associate dean for Industrial Affairs in the School of Engineering at Virginia Commonwealth University. Dr. Heinz was passionate about automobile safety and ensuring Reynolds was a leader in providing Automotive education. During his time at Reynolds, Dr. Heinz championed the College’s Learning Environment Principles and was a founding father of the very successful Learning Environment Awards Program which allowed faculty and staff to recognize fellow employees for outstanding deeds. 

Dr. Heinz was very active in the local community where he served on the Board of Directors for the Science Museum of Virginia, and volunteered with the Engineering Coalition of Schools for Excellence in Education and Leadership, VCU School of Engineering Industrial Advisory Board, Manakin Episcopal Church and the Midlothian High School Council. This scholarship will be awarded to a high ranking student in the applicant pool with a minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA majoring in any degree or certificate program in the School of Business.


Robert Lane Memorial Automotive Endowed Scholarship


The Robert Lane Scholarship was created in memory of the college’s first program head for Automotive Technology. The scholarship will provide tuition assistance to a student entering or enrolled in the Automotive Technology Program. To be eligible for the scholarship, students should be enrolled in or have completed at least 12 semester credits in the program, including one technical course. A graduating high school senior or a high school graduate who is/was actively participating in a high school automotive program and who plans to enroll full time in the college’s Automotive Technology Program is also eligible to apply.


Robert T. Greene, Sr. Memorial Scholarship


Richmond native, Dr. Robert T. Greene, Sr., served as provost of the Downtown Campus of Reynolds for approximately 18 years. A leader in the

community, Dr. Greene was a strong advocate for the expansion of educational opportunities for young people. Dr. Greene’s passing in November of 1996 left a great void in the educational community. This scholarship is a tribute to his commitment to the educational success of students on the Downtown Campus. To be considered for this scholarship, applicants must be enrolled at the Downtown Campus and have graduated from a City of Richmond high school. This scholarship is for students whose cumulative GPA is between 2.0 and 3.0. Students must be enrolled in a transfer program and not be receiving financial aid. The Greene family encourages personal involvement as student mentors.


Roland E. Moore Mathematics Scholarship


Financial assistance is available to students majoring in Mathematics through the Roland E. Moore scholarship. Dr. Moore was honored with the
re-naming of this scholarship on the occasion of his retirement from 36 years of service to Reynolds Community College. Under Dr. Moore’s leadership as mathematics department head and Dean of the School of Math and Science, the college experienced unprecedented growth in enrollment,

curriculum offerings and the quality of instruction. Preference for this scholarship is given to students majoring in Math with a minimum 2.5 GPA.


Rose Marie Liggan Endowed Scholarship


This scholarship was established to celebrate the work of Rose Liggan. Rose established and oversaw the Reynolds Foundation Scholarship program and served students for over 30 years as a College charter member. Rose did not have the opportunity to attend college herself because of financial

limitation, yet she made it her goal to provide a college education for her three children. Rose is responsible for incredulous growth in our fundraising program at the College, increasing available scholarships from merely three when she began to more than 160 offered today.


Rotary Club of Hanover Scholarship


The Rotary Club of Hanover County has a strong interest in helping the residents of Hanover County further their education. Because of this dedication, they have established this scholarship. Applicants must be graduates of a Hanover County high school and a current resident of Hanover County.


Rotary Club of Henrico North Scholarship


In response to a recognized community need, the Henrico North Rotary Club encourages individuals to seek self-improvement through higher education and training. To promote qualified individuals to continue their education, the club is proud to sponsor several scholarships. These renewable

scholarships are available to graduates or GED recipients from Henrico County Public Schools.


Rotary Club of Innsbrook GED Scholarship


The Rotary Club of Innsbrook, located in the Innsbrook area of Henrico County, is part of a worldwide network of 21,000 clubs under the organization of Rotary International. Rotary is represented by over one million individuals in more than 150 countries developing humanitarian projects and providing service to others. The Rotary Club of Innsbrook is dedicated to adult literacy and education. The club sponsors partial scholarships to assist those

individuals who have completed their high school education through the GED and encourage GED graduates to further their education.


S. A. Burnette Endowed Scholarship


This scholarship was established to honor Dr. S. A. Burnette, who served as president of Reynolds from 1976-2002. Dr. Burnette is a native of Sandston, Virginia, and a graduate of Highland Springs High School. He obtained his bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees in chemical engineering from Virginia Tech. He provided leadership to the community college system for over 37 years. The college became the third largest community college in the Virginia Community College System during his tenure as president.


Science Endowed Scholarship


The Science Endowed scholarship was established in 2004 and is funded by the proceeds of published works written by Reynolds Science faculty members. Preference for this scholarship goes to AS Science majors with at least 12 non-developmental credits completed at Reynolds.


Short Pump Ruritan/Civic Foundation Endowed Scholarship


The purpose of Ruritan Clubs is to serve communities with Fellowship, Goodwill, and Community Service. Ruritan is a civic service organization made up of local clubs in urban areas, small towns and rural communities. Ruritan's purpose is to create a better understanding among people and through volunteer community service, make America's communities better places in which to live and work. The Short Pump Ruritan and Civic Foundation, Inc. has chosen to support Reynolds through the establishment of an endowed scholarship intended for students graduates from Deep Run, Mills Godwin, J.R. Tucker, Douglas Freeman, Hermitage and Glen Allen High Schools. Recipients can also be residents of the Short Pump / Glen Allen community. The recipients will be selected in accordance with the Reynolds Scholarship Committee’s procedures and the amounts will vary depending on availability.


Stevenson Memorial Nursing Scholarship


This scholarship was established to honor the memory of the beloved deceased members of the Stevenson family.  Eligible applicants for this award should be in the RN program making successful academic progress toward the attainment of state licensure.


Stuart & Bland Noel Memorial Endowed Scholarship


Stuart and Bland Noel were classic examples of perseverance. They believed in a solid work ethic; they didn’t expect to have things handed to them on a silver platter. They believed and taught their children to believe that once you set your mind on something that you believe is worthwhile, you should stay at it until you reach your goal. The Noel’s always said, “Don’t procrastinate, don’t put it off until some other time, do it now if it needs to be done.” This scholarship is provided in their memory for students who believe that pursuing education is worthwhile and who are eager to start working to fulfill this goal. The Noel’s were not wealthy people, but they always gave to family and friends in times of need. In keeping with their spirit of generosity, this memorial scholarship has been established to assist students residing in Hanover County needing financial assistance to support their education.


Stuart B. Medlin Liberal Arts Endowed Scholarship


In honor of Dr. Stuart Medlin, a long time History instructor, Social Sciences program head and assistant chair for the School of Humanities and Social Sciences, the liberal arts scholarship was established for a second-year student having completed at least 30 credits in the liberal arts curriculum. Recipients should maintain a minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA. Academic excellence and service to the community are factors taken into consideration.


Susan Lynn Pahle Memorial Scholarship


Susan Pahle joined the ESL department at Reynolds in 1997 and went on to build a vibrant ESL program. Under her leadership, student enrollment climbed from 70 students in the spring of 1997 to a high of 369 in the spring of 2003. Sue left the college in 2005 to start her own company. Preference for this scholarship is given to a female student having completed at least two semesters of ESL classes. Volunteer and community service is encouraged.


The Hugh and Pat Rooney Endowed Scholarship


This scholarship was established to honor Pat and Hugh Rooney. Prior to his passing in 2013, Hugh Rooney was employed as the first biology faculty member at Reynolds where he taught until 2003. In 2002 he received the President’s award and was later named Professor Emeritus. Students must be enrolled in the science program at the Parham Road Campus with a minimum 2.8 cumulative GPA. They must have completed at least nine semester credits of non-developmental courses towards the curriculum.


The Sutton-Jamerson Scholarship


The Sutton-Jamerson family is proud to offer support to Reynolds students through the establishment of this scholarship. Preference is given to students enrolled in current and emerging occupational and technical programs at Reynolds. The recipient(s) of the scholarship(s) should demonstrate academic achievement and/or appropriate educational goals. The amount of the award does not cover the entire cost of attendance; rather, it will be awarded as financial assistance to students who are working to pay their way through Reynolds.


Thomas F. Hughes Memorial Scholarship


This scholarship was established in memory of Thomas F. Hughes. Students must meet the general scholarship program requirements to be considered for this award.


Tri-Club Woman's Club Scholarship


The Tri-Club Women’s Club is interested in females who are reentering college or the work field. Students must have a minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA and not be receiving other financial aid. Applicants should be full-time students with preference given to students pursuing a field of study devoted to helping others.


UPS Scholarship


UPS is one of the world's largest package delivery company and a leading global provider of specialized transportation and logistics services. The UPS Scholarship at Reynolds is one of the many ways they support the advancement of the Richmond region. All eligible applicants will be considered for this award.


VAMAC Endowed Scholarship


VAMAC, Inc. was established in 1915 as Virginia Machinery and Well Company. Originally located on East Main Street in Richmond, it served as a well drilling, water supply contractor, and a distributor for pumps, piping, and well supplies. In 1922, Julian G. Perry joined the company and helped lead VAMAC’s expansion into wholesale plumbing and heating distribution. Today, VAMAC, Inc. remains a Perry family owned and operated company headquartered in Richmond with 12 profit centers throughout the state. VAMAC, Inc. is committed to devoting its resources to serving its customers and associates. Recognizing that an educated workforce is critical for any distributor, VAMAC, Inc. has established the VAMAC, Inc. Wholesale Distribution Scholarship. This scholarship will provide funds to cover tuition, as well as a paid internship.


Steven Esbach Commonwealth Legacy Scholarship


The Virginia Foundation for Community College Education established the Commonwealth Legacy Scholarship for each of the twenty-three VA

community colleges in honor of a leading community philanthropist.  The nominee selected by the J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College Educational

Foundation to receive the Chancellor's Award for Leadership in Philanthropy each year has the scholarship awarded to a student in their name.


Virginia Nonprofit Housing Coalition Scholarship


The Virginia Nonprofit Coalition (VNHC) provides affordable housing to the residents of their rental communities throughout Richmond, Virginia. VNHC is committed to providing a positive living community for its residents. VNHC has established a scholarship program to enable qualified dependent student residents to pursue a college education. A VNHC scholarship representative is available to work with eligible students and their families toward successful college enrollment at selected area colleges.


Volkswagen & Reynolds Community College Partners in Education Automotive Scholarship


This scholarship is made possible thanks to the Northern Virginia Community College Educational Foundation at Northern VA Community College and Volkswagen. Preference is given to Automotive Technology majors with a minimum 2.5 GPA and at least 20 credits completed in the program.


Westminster Canterbury Scholarship


Several residents of Westminster Canterbury wanted to help current employees pursue their life dream while they were employed at Westminster Canterbury. The Westminster Canterbury Scholarship would provide the financial support for these employees to continue their education and reach their career goal. Students may be employed part-time or full-time, but must be in a curricula program and maintain a 2.00 cumulative grade point average.





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