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Environmental Sustainability

The Reynolds Green Team

Join the Reynolds Green Team

Three main responsibilities

  • Act as a liaison between the Reynolds Environmental Sustainability Committee and your department, office, unit or lab area
  • Act as an educational resource in your department, office, unit or lab area (forward email tips, answer environmental sustainability related questions, and assist with demonstration and reinforcement of positive actions when needed (e.g., demonstrating how to duplex print)
  • Participate (to greatest extent possible) in college-sponsored going-green/environmental sustainability/conservation training activities

Related Responsibilities

  • Post notices and email information and event invitations to unit members as appropriate
  • Offer another pair of eyes with a special focus on reducing waste, saving energy and improving our environment . . . provide consistent encouragement for the movement
  • Orient new office staff and faculty to Reynolds’s environmental sustainability policy and practices
  • Attend Green Ambassador orientation and training
  • Bring concerns and suggestions to the attention of the Reynolds Environmental Sustainability Committee members
  • Report facilities concerns brought forward by colleagues to appropriate Reynolds Environmental Sustainability Committee member.
  • Notify the Environmental Sustainability Committee if unable to continue in the position and to assist in identifying a replacement(s) within your unit
  • Have fun!


  • Interest in and commitment to working toward environmental sustainability (“meeting the needs of the present while not compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs”)
  • Energetic, outgoing, professional, positive and enthusiastic
  • Interest in and commitment to continuously improving communication skills


  • An opportunity to: learn about and work toward an environmental sustainable community network with colleagues with similar interest
  • Help the college, staff and faculty save money and conserve resources. Have fun learning through building community and enthusiasm for environmental sustainability
  • Building skill sets including but not limited to: communications skills, ability to communicate environmental sustainability related subject matter to your peers, team and community building expertise
  • Orientation and training
  • Making a difference

Contact a member of the Environmental Sustainability Committee to join the Green Team.