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Quality Enhancement Plan

In 2010, J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College launched The Ripple Effect: Transforming Distance Learning, One Student & One Instructor at a Time. Since its implementation, Quality Enhancement efforts have provided Reynolds students with enhanced assessments of their preparation for online learning, offered all new online learners a comprehensive and engaging Orientation, and expanded support services for students. In addition, Reynolds faculty have been actively involved in the development of online teaching skills in areas such as the alignment of instruction, activities, and assessment; effective course design; and emerging technologies. These focused efforts have positively impacted both student and faculty experiences within online teaching and learning.

The Three Focal Points of The Ripple Effect:

Student Readiness for Online Learning: Through SmarterMeasure, an assessment of the skills, resources, and attributes necessary for online learning, Reynolds provides students and advisors with an evaluation of individual strengths and weaknesses so that learners can make appropriate decisions when selecting courses and programs of study.

Student Orientation to Online Learning: Developed by a team of trained online instructors, researchers, and administrators, CDL001: Orientation to Learning Online offers students an engaging and hands-on introduction to online learning. Modeling the structure of typical online courses, the Orientation introduces students to essential skills such as time management and academic skills such as effective access to information and academic integrity; the Orientation also supports students’ development of skills in using essential Blackboard technologies. This free orientation is provided to all students who are new to online learning and to those who want to strengthen their skills.

Faculty Engagement for Online Teaching: In order to provide faculty with the support and resources that they need to be successful and excellent instructors, Reynolds has developed a comprehensive faculty training program that focuses both upon the instructional and the technological skills critical for online teaching and learning. The training program represents a combined effort of academic divisions, the Center for Distance Learning, the Office of Technology Training, and the Office of Professional Development.

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